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"   Stop trying to fill beds with cold, empty souls, who regardless of matter, still never quite Fill the bed.   "
note to self.
"   You don’t have to sacrifice your values to love the people that you do whose beliefs may not run parallel to your own.   "
note to self.


I’m a fan of his.
A fan of his mind,
the shine in his eyes,
the light in his smile,
I’m a fan.
The build of his body,
his stance,
a suit and a tie,
t-shirts and sweatpants,
it don’t matter.
I’m a fan.
His intellect,
his wisdom,
the care in his heart,
I’m a fan.
The mistakes,
his flaws,
his pain,
I’m a fan of that, too.


I don’t want the next man to remind me of any other man. I want to love him for every reason I didn’t find it in me to love the last him for, plus more. I want to start over. I don’t want to be out looking for a ‘you’ in another man, that isn’t even you. I don’t want his walk, his talk, his stare, his smell, his anything, to bring back memories of another. The next man won’t remind me of no one, but himself.

"   I want a connection so strong that physical characteristics take the backseat + spiritual characteristics grab the wheel. There’s no telling where our souls can steer us.   "
brwnsugr (via brwnsugr)

(via theesoulprovider)

He’ll be amazing. He’ll inspire me to grow and won’t stunt my growth, our growth. He’ll plant seeds with the intent to water them. He’ll provide sunshine when my clouds become grey and my sky, dark. He won’t be afraid to feel. He’ll allow his vulnerability to exist in my presence and won’t mask what creeps to the surface. He’ll come with baggage, but he won’t hide it. He’ll pull each article of clothing out before me and tell me about his first pair of sneakers, his favorite t-shirt, the tie he received from his grandfather. He’ll pray with me. He’ll pray for me. He’ll pray for the world. He’ll serve a purpose bigger than himself, bigger than me, bigger than Us. And we’ll be Grand, but he’ll still reach for something even bigger. He won’t be afraid to tell me when I’m wrong, he’ll show me what’s right. His arms will be the best fit home for me if I ever start to feel I’m without one. He’ll love me, even when I make it hard to. He’ll be proud about it, he’ll wear this love on him.

There will be love in our every step. Love will lie in each word that slips past his tongue, and mine. When we walk in a room, they’ll know love. We’ll glow love.

I pray I’m never an obstacle to your manhood, but rather an advantage. I hope to never make you feel like any less of the King that you were born to be. I want to be so much a woman, a Queen, that you never forget that you’re a man. The Man at that.